From: robby <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 09:33:50 -0500
Subject: 102d10

The exp-tagged source (in CVS) for DrScheme is now version


   1461: Kill menu problems
   1460: Help Desk has empty preferences
   1459: search menu items work on empty search text
   1455: project windows never leave `Windows’ menu
   1456: teachpacks don’t add
   1428: setup -c deletes files for all platforms
   1424: long (list ...) displays don’t display correctly
   1405: memory usage box should be read only
   1398: Downloading doc files requires restart
   1377: replacing by empty string loops
   1330: killing repl, then check-syntax hangs
   1144: match docs not setup right in Help Desk
    737: mred:preferences library too global
    599: mac: can’t double click to open files while mred starts up
    406: bad error message for sixlib op


  - the framework now imports a definition of the preferences
    file location. Use this to have a separate preferences file
    for each different application.

  - do not use ’drscheme:settings anymore to get the current
    language settings from drscheme. Now, use


    (which is bound to the right symbol) instead.

  - setup plt’s “clean” flag does not recur
    into subdirectories anymore.


  - Added Replace and Find again to edit menu

  - changed `h’ shortcut to find and replace again. show keybindings
    has no shortcut anymore.

  * Moved the filename and (define ...) popups to the left, swapping with
    the Save button. (The popups in the middle of space look strange.)

  * Merged the Project menu with the File menu.

  * Changed the "Configure Language" menu item in the project window to
    "Choose Language", to match the menu item in the file window.

  * Add "..." to "Open Project" menu item.

  * Got rid of "Insert Lambda". It’s not nearly useful enough to be
    worth all the bugs it creates. (Try inserting a lambda by itself and
    hit return --- nothing happens. Try (<lambda>) --- bad selection for
    the error message.)

  * Give windows for untitled files/projects unique names: "Untitled 1",
    "Untitled 2", etc.

  * Fix multiple adjacent separators in the project window’s File and
    Edit menus.

  * Dropped the old "platform independent" file dialogs, and use
    get-file-list for projects.

  * Disabled "Keybindings" menu item when not applicable.