From: Robert Bruce Findler <>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 14:13:07 -0400
Subject: 102d9

The exp-tagged source (in CVS) for DrScheme is now version 102d9:

  NEW DIRECTORY: plt/collects/defaults

  be sure to get the new directory with:

       cvs update -d plt/collects/defaults

  or DrScheme will fail to start up.

    - this release breaks the stepper.
    - the "create launcher" menu item is
      not yet fully functional, so use at your
      own risk.

 PRS: 1424, 1437


 - drscheme-jr now supports teachpacks
   (those that don’t use GUIs, like htdp/

 - the graphics library (sometimes known as sixlib) no longer
   accepts any scaling arguments.

 - drscheme:rep:process-text/zodiac and
   are now called drscheme:load-handler:process-text/zodiac and

 - Windows and unix launchers can now be run from any directory.
   They do not need to be saved in a particular place (this has been
   true for some time, but it is officially true now.).

 - the debug full scheme languages now allow loading of files
   that contain graphics.

 - the framework’s preferences system now requires you to
   set the marshall/unmarshalling functions (if any) before
   setting the default preference.

 - drscheme now supports site-specific default preferences.
   To use, create a file in the defaults collection
   that is a copy of the preferences file that you want to
   be the defaults. Then, if the user-specific preferences file
   doesn’t exist (or the preferences in it are from an old version),
   the contents of the file in the defaults collection is
   used as the preferences.

 - drscheme now wraps uses with-handlers so that if a tool
   signals an error when it is loaded or invoked, it just
   puts a window with the error message and continues, instead
   of keeping drscheme from starting up.

 - the .plt installer no longer automatically deletes compiled
   files when installing a .plt file.

 - setup-plt now uses the ’clean flag in to determine
   the files to be deleted when --clean-ing a collection. It
   defaults to the files in the "compiled" sub-collection of a

 - setup-plt no longer automatically runs --clean when installing
   a .plt file.


 - the searching dialog now has two-line find and replace editors.

 - #! is treated like a comment when executing the defintions window,
   if it is the first two characters in the definitions window.

 - constructing the project manager’s "collection projects" menu
   was adding something like a 25% overhead to drscheme’s startup,
   so that menu is gone (I doubt anyone really used it anyway...)

 - rarely used save menu items relegated to sub-menu.

 - wrap text is now a checkable item that is checked when the editor
   is wrapped.

 - drscheme-jr now has a doc.txt file that explains its implementation.
   The implementation was factored so that DrScheme’s new launchers
   can re-use drscheme-jr’s implementation. So, if you change
   drscheme-jr, be aware that you might affecting these launchers.