From: Robert Bruce Findler <>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 11:37:36 -0500
Subject: 103d100

We have changed our version numbering Scheme for intermediate
releases a little bit. Now, instead of counting up _from_ the version
to be released, we are going to count up _to_ the version to be
released. So, the next series of binary releases will be:

   103.1, 103.2, 103.3, ..., 103.3421, 104 (release version)

Since this means that we are repeating the "103" prefix as from last
time, the Scheme code releases will begin with 100. So, the first
Scheme code release after version 103 is 103d100.

Hope that isn’t too too confusing...

;; --

The code in CVS is now version: 103d100



  - there is a replacement for the file in town, now.
    Instead of the file, consider using an
    file. This file is designed to be computer editable and eventually
    the project manager will have an editor for that (with an
    integrated help system).

    If an file is present and an file is also
    present, the file is consulted first and the
    file is consulted if the file doesn’t have that

  - please do not load files directly anymore. Use
    the library in the setup collection. I have already
    changed these uses:
     - zo compiler
     - help desk (blurb stuff)
     - setup
    I know only of this use that must be changed:
     - mzc

   - separated searchable-mixin into two pieces:
     - searchable-mixin, and searchable-text-mixin.


   - added control-x o as a keybinding that switches the focus
     between the interactions and definitions windows.

   - when drscheme frame is associated with a project, clicking the
     execute button will prompt the user about executing the project.

   - language dialog now has a parent.

   - drscheme:language:language-dialog procedure accepts an optional
     second argument specifing the parent of the dialog
     (defaults to #f)