From: Robert Bruce Findler <>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 16:44:27 -0600
Subject: 103d102

The exp-tagged source (in CVS) for DrScheme is now version


   1719:  insert fraction isn’t one step


  - check syntax now shows teaching language primitive docs in drscheme window,
    viar right-button popup menu.

  - check syntax now opens full scheme primitive docs in help desk,
    via right-button popup menu.

  - (without checking the syntax) the right click context-sensitive menu
    has an entry to search based either on the selection, or on the text
    that was clicked on.

  - the project manager has split up the files in the project
    into two lists: elaboration files and regular files. The
    elaboration files are loaded before the regular files.

  - check syntax has been integrated with the project manager. When both
    are installed, check syntax will load the files in the
    project-manager’s "elaboration" window before checking the syntax.
    This means that you can stick signature definitions in a project’s
    elaboration window and check syntax on individual files in the project.

    Using this feature, I was able to check the syntax of
    in the help collection and finally rename `f’ to help-desk-frame! (that
    had been bugging me for quite some time.... it is not an
    easy search-and-replace kind of change :)

  - added clear-annotations to definitions-text% class for tools.

  - Thanks to Philippe Meunier and Paul Steckler, a preliminary version
    of a spidey rewrite is available. To get it, you need to cvs two
    new directories:




    Note that this is _very_ preliminary. So far, it only handles
    lambda, case-lambda, variables, application, car, cdr and cons
    and only in the full scheme language.


  - the "drscheme jr" test suite now runs in both drscheme and
    drscheme jr The guts have been abstracted out from the support
    for running the test. See readme.txt in plt/tests/drscheme-jr
    for details.

  - when in "sort by name" mode for the "(define ...)" button,
    the check marks are now correct.

  - error message from turtle primitives when window is not
    open has been fixed.

  - added turtle primitives to the documented functions in

  - the main drscheme window remembers how big it was last
    resized to, and uses that size to as the default for
    the next frame that is created.

  - new language detail: teaching language primitives and
    syntax. It only applies to the 2 mred language levels and
    it adds the core libraries, the turtles library, and the
    posn structs to drscheme.

  - internal errors that happen on the user’s thread no
    longer wedge drscheme.

  - check syntax now creates its own eventspace, etc. to check the
    syntax. That means that checking the syntax of this program:

       (begin-elaboration-time (eval ’(define x 1)))

    no longer defines x in the repl. Ditto for other things,
    like killing threads and such.