From: Robert Bruce Findler <>
To: plt-scheme <>
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 17:47:29 -0600
Subject: 103d103

The exp-tagged source (in CVS) for DrScheme is now version


    1772: Unexpected (read-char) behavior-one problem on MacOS, a different one on Unix
    1774: need to define set-first! and set-rest!
    1780: help-desk allows blank descriptions and steps to reproduce


  - the filename button (in the top right of the drs frame)
    now pops up a menu of the directories
    that contain the saved file’s directories. Choose one
    to open a `get-file’ dialog in that directory.

  - teaching language’s primitives are now keywords.
    This means that functions like `length’ cannot be redefined
    in the teaching languages. This change was made to
    be compatible with the stepper.

  - added `clear-annotations’ to drscheme:rep:context<%>