From: Robert Bruce Findler <>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:40:34 -0600
Subject: 103d104

The exp-tagged source (in CVS) for DrScheme is now version
103d104. For details on using the intermediate releases, see


   1410: read-line in DrScheme
   1642: bad teachpack causes drscheme to freeze
   1663: Dr. Scheme pasting what’s on the clipboard when you don’t want it too
   1681: backtrace window should indicate source out-of-synch
   1682: indentation and #%
   1702: DrScheme filename popup doesn’t always update on save
   1726: Colour parameters in sixlib procedures are not too coherent
   1747: faulty teachpacks no longer signal an error
   1783: DrScheme, standard input, and eof
   1792: interactive movable split-pane & scrolling-content feature request
         (just the movable split-pane part is done)


  - added Teach Youself Scheme in Fixnum Days (with Dorai’s permission)
    to our documentation. To get it, you should delete plt/collects/doc/help,
    start up Help Desk (to redownload that directory), restart Help Desk,
    and then follow the big "Scheme" link on the front page, to the
    "Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days" link to download it. Once
    it is downloaded, the index will be added to Help Desk for easy

  - implicit sequencing has been eliminated from the advanced language
    level in order to give better error messages. Use an explicit `begin’
    for sequencing. (this change was made between 102 and
    103, but we forgot to put it into the release notes)

  - teachpacks finally support macro definitions.
    Download the revised documentation to see how!
    (throw away your copy of plt/collects/doc/drscheme/
     and start up help desk. search for teachpack
     follow the link and download the new docs)

  - DrScheme’s main two windows now have a little draggable
    thumb that changes the percentage difference between
    the windows

  - added panel:vertical-resizable%, panel:vertical-resiable-pane%,
    panel:vertical-resizable-mixin, and panel:vertical-resizable<%>
    to framework


  - there is now a little eof icon next to the input box when
    input is expected. you can click it send an eof (close the
    input port until execute is next clicked). Suggestions for
    a better icon welcome.

  - misc changes to in the browser collection
    to support Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days,
    including more colors, div support, better whitespace
    management, and transparent url links.