From: Robert Bruce Findler <>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 23:11:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 199d-final

The exp-tagged source (in CVS) for DrScheme is now version 199alpha1
(with no drscheme-added number). For details on using the intermediate
releases, see

PRs: 2148

THINGS STILL MISSING (and promised to be broken...)

 - launchers
 - project manager


- The language dialog contains a full language that
  is the combination of the graphical mred language
  and the advanced HtDP language (each contains something
  the other doesn’t). Some people seem to think that will
  make the language dialog too cluttered, but I think that
  people who might use that language won’t be able to find
  it otherwise. I put it in for one iteration so people can
  at least see it there. With strenuous complaints, I will
  remove it.


- added `open-recent-menu-item’ string constant. This is the
  label of a menu that contains all of the recently opened
  filenames, accessible via the file menu.
- added `open-recent-info’ string constant. It is the
  help string for the previous item.

- removed r5rs-w/debug and changed r5rs-lang-name so
  it match the English:

     Standard (R5RS)

- added `full-language’, as the name of a new language
  that includes all of the functionality of the
  teaching languages plus the Graphical (MrEd) language.

- added `introduction-to-language-dialog’ a string
  that appears above the language dialog when the language
  dialog is first displayed (at the startup of drscheme).
  It asks the user to select a language and explains that
  many intro courses need no changes.

- added `show-overview’ and `hide-overview’ string
  constants. They are menu labels that show and hide the
  new definitions window overview.



- added a code overview window that is
  visible along the rhs of the drscheme
  window. Use the `show’ menu to make
  it visible.

- found 3 more dialogs that didn’t have
  parents and gave them parents.

- revert is disabled when the editor is locked.

- keybindings menu works again.

- drscheme’s new version window is now a
  modified version of the language dialog

- the language dialog is rearranged.

- the language settings are now frame-specific.
  If you change the language in one
  window, it won’t affect execute in another window;
  the most recently set language is what is
  used for newly created windows.

- changed "Bring window to front..." shortcut to
  `h’ -- it used to conflict with Break.

- fixed c-x;) keybinding and added something
  to the info panel to show when a recording
  is in progress.

- when error-port isn’t the original error port,
  the fancy error display in drscheme goes away.

- fixed bug for saved language preferences.
  they are now restored.

- added "Open recent" menu item

- fixed up the teachpacks to load faster.

- bug reports now go to the new
  server (and to