From: Robert Bruce Findler <>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 17:21:53 -0800
Subject: 199d7

The exp-tagged source (in CVS) for DrScheme is now version
199d7. For details on using the intermediate releases, see

THINGS STILL MISSING (and promised to be broken...)

 - launchers
 - project manager


- added `accept-and-quit’ and `accept-and-exit’
  probably in all other languages besides English,
  these should be have the same translation.

- added `debugging’ and `dynamic-properties’ string
  constants. The first is the label for a check box that
  determines if debugging is enabled for this language. The
  second is a label in the "show details" section of the
  language levels. It is in parallel to "input syntax" and
  "output syntax".

- added `bad-module-language-specs’ that contains an error
  message for when languages have
  problems. See the English for details.


- error message printing in DrScheme now takes
  full advantage of the error-print-source-location
  parameter to make a colored error message.

- debugging is now available to all languages and
  the debug tool is gone.

- added mechanism to specify the same content
  as in simple-module-based-language<%> for adding languages
  to DrScheme

- the EoPL language is now a language (the
  only one!). It still has a tool, but only so that it
  can put a little icon and something shows up in the About
  Box of DrScheme.

- the teaching languages and the hangman teachpack now
  collude to support the abstraction breaking necessary for
  that teachpack.

  This means that the hangman teachpack doesn’t work in any
  other languages (unlike the other teachpacks).

- teaching languages now have source location
  highlighting for runtime errors.

new framework, drscheme, and tools manuals released.