From: Robby Findler <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 08:03:16 -0500
Subject: [plt-scheme] DrScheme in CVS

For details on using the intermediate releases, see

This is a summary of the recent changes to DrScheme in the
CVS archive. You may have many of these changes already;
typically each change is tagged as it happens and these
emails are only sent when the list gets long enough.

  - the teaching languages color the portion of the program
    that has not been tested in dark red (using a simple
    syntactic coverage criterion -- dark red means tested,
    but not dark red doesn’t mean fully tested, of course).

  - fixed up help desk fonts, so that the font size in help
    desk is now linked to the font size in drscheme proper.

  - added support for editor modes to drscheme.

  - drscheme shows the stack via arrows on the program text
    when an error occurs (and debugging is on)

  - added to special menu item: "insert delta" (to mean
    define) in parallel to the insert lambda menu item.

  - framework’s scheme-mode font changed to be in an editor

  - macos: drscheme doesn’t quit when all windows are closed