From: Robby Findler <>
Subject: [plt-scheme] Recent changes to DrScheme (and related) in SVN
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 22:20:47 -0500

For details on using the intermediate releases, see

This is a summary of my recent changes to PLT Scheme in the
SVN archive. You may have some of these changes already;
typically each change is committed as it happens and these
emails are only sent when the list gets long enough.

  . user-defined keybindings can now be loaded directly from
    PLaneT, via a new menu item in the Edit menu.

  . the keybindings now have access to the same stuff as the
    tools, via the require line:

      (require (lib "" "drscheme"))

  . in the non-debug languages, drscheme now trims its own
    stack frames from the top of the stack before showing
    them in the REPL.