From: Matthew Flatt <>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 06:50:33 -0700
Subject: 102/11

The currently exp-tagged CVS source for MzScheme and MrEd is now
version 102/11.

MzScheme Changes:

 * Added ’update to the set of flags for `open-output-file’ et al.
   ’update mode opens an existing file without truncating it, and
   allows overwriting of the file’s existing data, especially in
   combination with `file-position’.

 * Fixed a bug in interface checking. In an `interface’ expression, an
   ivar declaration for some name was allowed when a superinterface
   already contained the ivar name through a derivation
   requirement. It now raises an exception.

 * Added -k <n> <m> flag to MzScheme, which loads code embedded in the
   executable from file position <n> to <m>. This flag will be useful
   for creating stand-alone executables by appending code to the
   normal MzScheme/MrEd executable. Details in a forthcoming mzc
   update. (This is something of a hack, but I think it will be

 * Fixed `arithmetic-shift’ for a -32 shift argument. (PR 1421)

 * Inside MzScheme:

    - Not all import ports keep line counts anymore (it’s wasteful for
      programs using block I/O on binary data, and it’s mostly useful
      only with `load’). -1 returned from scheme_tell_line() indicates
      that line counts are not kept. scheme_count_lines() enables
      line-counting for an input port. Note that there’s no MzScheme
      primitive that provides line information.

MrEd Changes:

 * Added `get-file-list’, which gives the user a dialog for selecting
   multiple existing files (using the platform-specific dialog, where
   possible). [Not yet implemented for MacOS.]

 * Added `on-superwindow-show’ and `on-superwindow-enable’ to

 * Added `on-message’ to top-level-window<%>, and added the procedure
   `send-message-to-window’, which calls the `on-message’ method of a
   top-level window at a particular screen location. [Not yet
   implemented for MacOS.]

 * Fixed `draw-bitmap’ in post-script-dc%.

 * Fixed post-script-dc% to use PS `curveto’ command for splines.

 * Fixed text editor printing to break up lines that are longer than
   a page on scroll boundaries. (This is particularly relevant
   for printing editors containing embedded editors.)

 * X: Fixed choice item bug when the user pops up the choice and doesn’t
   select anything. (PR 1426)

The MzScheme, Inside MzScheme, and MrEd docs have been updated.