From: Matthew Flatt <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 15:38:49 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: 103.1

In the CVS repository, the exp-tagged MzScheme and MrEd code is now
version 103.1.

(As Robby mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we’ve decided to try
numbering development versions forward from the previous release,
instead of suffixing the version number of the next release.)


 * Added `popup-menu’ to window<%>.

 * Added a popup menu to the `message-box’ dialog (pops up with any
   click not on a button) that copies the contained message to the
   clipboard. Also, disabled the caret of the text box used for
   large messages. (PR 1416)

 * Changed methods in dc<%> classes to raise an exception if the
   DC is not ok (except for the `ok?’ method). Notably, a bitmap-dc%
   without a bitmap is not ok. (PR 1014)

 * Changed dc<%>’s `draw-bitmap’ and `draw-bitmap-section’ to
   scale the bitmap if the dc<%> has a scale. (PR 1185)

 * Changed text% undo to restore the pre-modification selection.
   (Previously, undo would move the caret to the end of the
   restored area.) (PR 778)

 * Added optional filters argument to `get-file’, `put-file’,
   and `get-file-list’ (used by Windows, only). (PR 1501)

 * Fixed internal lock handling on focus and activation events. (PR
   1624, hopefully)

 * Windows: removed special handling of Ctl-m, Ctl-i, and Ctl-h
   (which produced return, tab, and backspace instead of the
   control characters). (PR 1382)

 * Fixed click-handling in text% with embedded editors, when the
   click is on the embedded editor’s line but above or below the
   embedded editor. (PR 1303)

 * Changed selection extension via the keyboard to maintain its state
   across focus changes and mouse clicks that do not move the
   selection. (PR 1586)

 * X: Default keymap double-click time determined via the standard Xt
   function. (PR 1580)

 * Fixed `lambda’ and `case-lambda’ to signal an error when a keyword
   is used as an argument name.

 * Fixed leaks that could happen with thread kills. For example,
   killing a thread blocked on a TCP connect could leak file

 * Fixed weak hash table growth in the presence of infrequent garbage
   collections (by forcing a collection before rehashing). (PR 934)

 * Fixed/improved some unit/sig error messages. (PRs 304, 830)