From: Matthew Flatt <>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 06:08:54 -0700
Subject: 103/2

For those of you using CVS, the currently exp-tagged version of
MzScheme and MrEd is now 103/2 (i.e., the 2nd pre-release step towards
version 103).

MrEd changes:

 * Fixed unreliable menu keybindings, especially cut-and-paste. More
   technically, fixed menu shortcut handling to call the menu bar’s
   `on-demand’ method before looking for a key binding.

 * Fixed bug in text%’s autowrapper. The bug would manifest itself if
   snips were deleted from a line created by autowrapping, leaving
   nothing on the line except a newline. (PR 1592)

 * Windows: fixed double-insertion of numbers from Windows numpad. (PR
   1588 and plt-scheme msg)

 * X: made Alt/Meta release dismiss active menu in the menu bar if one
   is active, like ESC. (PR 1581)

MzScheme changes:

 * Changed order of first two arguments to `process[*]/ports’ and
   fixed bugs. (PR 1584)

 * Unix: fixed interaction among signals, I/O, and process sleeping.

 * Changed `set!-values’ to require distinct variables for mutation,
   matching new `define-values’.