From: (Paul Steckler)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Date: 1999/11/10
Subject: DrScheme v101 available

DrScheme v101 is available now at

v101 is a minor update to DrScheme v100.  Here is a description of the
most visible changes.

 - DrScheme’s teaching libraries are now called teachpacks.  See
   the release notes for changes in specific teachpacks.

 - The language levels have been renamed to

        o Beginning student
        o Intermediate student
        o Advanced student
        o Full Scheme

   The last level offers choices for debugging and accessing the
   of graphics libraries.

 - DrScheme provides an interactive "tour" allowing users
   to quickly familiarize themselves with the environment.

 - An XML collection has been added.  Search on "XML" in Help Desk
   for information on how to use procedures in the collection.

 - Bug reports can now be submitted using Help Desk.

 - In the graphics collection, has been renamed to, and has been renamed to

There are many small changes and bug fixes.  Details are provided
in the release notes.  See plt/notes/drscheme/HISTORY in the


-- Paul

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