From: (Paul Steckler)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme,comp.lang.functional
Date: 2000/07/06
Subject: Announcement: DrScheme v102

DrScheme v102 is available now at

The most visible improvements are:

  - a built-in project manager for multi-file projects
  - a launcher creator for building executable programs
     from within DrScheme
  - a tagging facility for jumping to definitions in the
     Definitions window
  - an error tracing facility that displays the call stack


  - The Stepper supports the Intermediate Student language
     and has an improved user interface
  - run-time errors are significantly improved

Other improvements in the v102 PLT software suite:

  - MysterX supports Scheme syntax for HTML element styles
  - MysterX windows are Scheme-scriptable Web browsers
  - *new* MzCOM makes the MzScheme evaluator available to any
     COM client

DrScheme and MzScheme v102 binaries and sources are available
in Linux RPM format for x86 and PowerPC.

As usual, there are many minor changes and bug fixes.  Details
are provided in the release notes.  See plt/notes/drscheme/HISTORY
in the distribution.


-- Paul

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