From: "Paul A. Steckler" <>
To: "Paul A. Steckler" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 12:09:19 -0500
Subject: PLT DrScheme v103 released

PLT DrScheme v103 is available now at

The most visible improvements are:

 - Cut-and-paste keybindings fixed

 - Windows keypad bug fixed

 - DrScheme is more responsive to keystrokes (noticeable on
    slower machines)

 - Projects now have platform-independent project-relative filenames

DrScheme and MzScheme v103 binaries and sources are available
in Linux RPM format.

[N.B.: We accidentally sent out a version on Tuesday, Sept. 5th,
in which the Windows keypad bug was not completely fixed.
If you downloaded that version, you may want to download again.
In the fixed version, the file plt/MrEd.exe is dated
September 6, 2000.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.]

Beginning with this release, we have discontinued binary executable
distributions for most Unix variants. Linux (x86) and Solaris (Sparc)
binaries are still available, but AIX, BeOS, FreeBSD, Linux (PPC),
HP/UX, OSF/1, and Irix binaries are no longer available. This change
is made possible by improved compilation scripts, so that compiling
DrScheme from source is relatively easy. The source code for DrScheme is
available from the same download page as the pre-built binaries.

As usual, there are many minor changes and bug fixes.  Details
are provided in the release notes.  In Help Desk, see
Scheme|Release Information|Release Notes; in the distribution, see


-- Paul

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