From: "Paul Steckler" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 18:05:34 -0400
Subject: PLT Scheme v103p1 released

PLT is developing a new version of its software suite.  Because the
changes to the software are substantial, the new version will not be
ready for some months.  Instead, we are releasing a patched version of

People planning to install the PLT suite for the fall semester should
download and install this patched version rather than wait for the new
version.  Users interested in downloading the new version for
experimental purposes can find more information at the end of this

DrScheme v103p1, the patched release, is available now at

The changes are:

 - Teachpacks have been revised to conform to the textbook,
    How To Design Programs

 - The bug report mechanism in Help Desk has been revised

 - Some source files accomodate newer versions of the gcc
    C compiler


[Unless you compile MzScheme from sources, you can ignore the

Some of the source code changes affect MzScheme.  Accordingly,
there are 103p1 source bundles for MzScheme at

The 103p1 binary bundles for MzScheme are identical to the 103
bundles, so there is no need to download if you already have
a 103 MzScheme binary bundle.


To download the unreleased version for experimental purposes, surf to for instructions on using
anonymous CVS.

-- Paul

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