From: Eli Barzilay <>
Subject: [plt-scheme] PLT Scheme v369.100 is available for testing
Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 04:08:22 -0400

Version 369.100 is now available for testing from

(Note that this not available from the usual download site.)

If all goes well, we will turn this version into a v370 release
within a couple of weeks.

This is (again) a release that is more substantial than usual --

* DrScheme now saves `metadata’ in its files, which means that the
  language level and other settings are saved with the file.  This is
  done with a reader, so the result is a file that can be used outside
  of DrScheme too.  Also, this includes teachpacks, which are also
  specific to files.

* The default build, and the distributed installers use the 3m precise
  garbage collector.

* The unit system is completely new, and backward incompatible with
  v360 and earlier.  There are libraries that provide the old
  functionality as a quick upgrading solution.

Your help and feedback in testing this new release candidate would be
much appreciated.
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