DrScheme Release Notes

Current Release: 42.
Release Date: June 8, 1996.

The following is a summary of the changes in this release from the
previous one.

A reminder that bug reports should be sent to: plt-bugs@cs.rice.edu.


* Added a facility for single-stepping through small programs.  See the
  documentation for the stepper.

* Major restructuring in the online documentation for the builtin
  gui-making classes.  See the MrEd ToolBox.

* Added a copy ring similar to emacs’s "kill ring".  For example, you
  can copy, cut or kill selection A, then copy B, then paste B, and then
  use Meta-Y to replace the pasted B with A.

* Disabled editing before the prompt in the console (lower) window.

* MacOS memory use greatly improved.

* DrScheme’s support for the `do’ form currently requires the <step>
  part.  This will be fixed in future versions.

* DrScheme’s support for `(import ...)’ requires that the `module’
  specification be an identifier bound to a module value.

* Added support for 16-bit color in XFree86 (unix only).

* Dropped the decimal point in the version number.

Underlying MzScheme Language

* `null’ is bound to the empty list.

* Falling through a `cond’ expression without matching any case is now
  an error.

* The primitives `binary-and’, etc., are renamed to `bitwise-and’,
  `bitwise-ior’, `bitwise-xor’, and `bitwise-not’.

* `string=?’, `char=?’, etc., are now multi-arity like numerical `=’,

* The braces { and } are treated as a matching set of parentheses, along
  with ( ) and [ ].

For a more complete description of the mzscheme changes, see the
MzScheme release notes.


* The analysis now understands the types of most mzlib primitives.

* Added an option to view parameterized types for functions.

* Minor changes in the layout of some options and menus, and some minor
  options deleted.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bugs in `module’, `import’ and `do’.

* Fixed `dynamic-wind’ and `call/ec’ for values.

* Fixed `read’ for strings containing #\nul.

* Fixed annoying non-standard Windows beep.