DrScheme Release Notes

Current Release: 50
Release Date: August 26, 1997.

Submit bugs using the web interface
(http://www.cs.rice.edu/CS/PLT/Gnats/) (encouraged) or send mail to
plt-bugs@cs.rice.edu (discouraged).

The following is a summary of the major changes in this release from the
previous one.


* DrScheme’s fonts can now be configured through the Preferences dialog.

* DrScheme’s Beginner and Intermediate languages are more strict. This
  provides better error messages for expressions like (1 2) or (cond
  (null? l)).

* A quasiquote bug has been fixed for forms like `(1 . ,3).

* The `turn’ turtle command now turns counter-clockwise in degrees
  (instead of clockwise in radians). The The `turn/radians’ command
  turns counter-clockwise in radians.

* Printing has been fixed.

* Output in the interactions window is much faster.


* The Stepper tool (Donkey) is temporarily unavailable in release 50 and
  will reappear in a future release.


* The look and speed of the non-Motif X Windows version has improved.

* See plt/mred/HISTORY and plt/mred/system/history in the distribution
  for other changes.


* Added compile-time inference of procedure names for better error

* Added a mechanism for saving and restoring heap dumps under Unix.  See
  plt/mzscheme/HISTORY in the distribution for other changes.

Known Problems

* See plt/openbugs in the distribution.