From: (Paul Steckler)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Date: 1998/05/27
Subject: DrScheme v52 released

DrScheme v52 is now available from the Rice University
Department of Computer Science Web site,

DrScheme is a graphical development environment for Scheme. It runs
under Windows 95/NT, MacOS, and X Windows. The underlying Scheme
implementation is MzScheme.

DrScheme’s features include:

  o source text highlighting of syntax errors
  o source text highlighting of run-time errors
  o support for multiple levels of Scheme from
      "beginner" to "advanced"
  o interactive and graphical static analysis

The underlying language supports

  o an object system
  o a toolbox of simple drawing commands suitable for
      simple drawing
  o an advanced graphical user interface (GUI) library

This version is primarily a bug-fix release.

Here are the release notes for v52:

The Future

PLT intends to conduct a major release by the end of this year or early
next year. The changes will directly affect users of MrEd, the graphical
toolbox. Please expect deletions of features, additions, and a few
modifications. DrScheme will migrate to a graphical multi-module
environment.  This change should not affect beginners or teachers.


DrScheme Jr is available as a separate download at
DrSchemeJr is a text-based interface with source correlation for
bugs; it uses significantly less space than DrScheme, our graphical
programming environment.

mzc (the compiler) produces code that runs 25%-75% faster than
MzScheme-interpreted code for unit-based programs or when using the --prim
compilation flag. Significant improvements are expected in the future.

See the HISTORY files in notes/drscheme, notes/mzscheme, and
notes/mred for descriptions of other bug fixes and minor changes.

Web pages

Rice PLT is pleased to announce a new Web collection of resources for
Schemers at

-- Paul

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