PLT Release Notes

Current Release: 53
Release Date: July 25, 1998.

DrScheme v53 is primarily a bug-fix release.  Many of the fixes are a
result of the TeachScheme! 1998 Workshop held at Rice University.

This note summarizes the major differences between this release and
DrScheme v52.

The Future

PLT intends to conduct a major release by the end of this year or early
next year. The changes will directly affect users of MrEd, the graphical
toolbox. Please expect deletions of features, additions, and a few
modifications. DrScheme will migrate to a graphical multi-module
environment.  This change should not affect beginners or teachers.


* DrScheme, MrEd, and MzScheme have significantly improved performance
  on PowerPC Macintoshes.

See the HISTORY files in notes/drscheme descriptions of other changes
and bug fixes for DrScheme.

MzScheme and MrEd users should look at the HISTORY files in
notes/mzscheme and notes/mred for detailed descriptions of changes and
bug fixes for those applications.

Web pages

Rice PLT is pleased to mention its Web collection of resources for
Schemers at