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If you have downloaded DrScheme, you can use Help Desk to read documentation for DrScheme, MrEd, MzScheme, and other PLT software. To run Help Desk, select Help Desk in DrScheme's Help menu, or start the Help Desk application that is distributed with DrScheme.

The DrScheme distribution contains a partial set of documentation. To download additional documentation, follow the "Manuals" link on Help Desk's starting page, and then click on one of the uninstalled manuals listed at the bottom of the page. Help Desk will automatically download and install the documentation.

Online Documentation

For users who wish to browse or print the documentation, we also provide each manual online, as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) document, and as a PLT file:

 Online HTMLPDF filePLT fileIncluded w/DrScheme?
PLT DrScheme: Programming Environment ManualHTMLPDFPLTyes
Revised5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme (R5RS)
PLT MzScheme: Language Reference ManualHTMLPDFPLTyes
PLT MzLib: Libraries ManualHTMLPDFPLTyes
PLT MrEd: Graphical Toolbox ManualHTMLPDFPLTsearchable index
PLT Framework: GUI Application FrameworkHTMLPDFPLTsearchable index
PLT Miscellaneous Libraries: Reference ManualHTMLPDFPLTyes
PLT mzc: MzScheme Compiler ManualHTMLPDFPLTyes
PLT Tools: DrScheme Extension ManualHTMLPDFPLTsearchable index
Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum DaysHTMLPDFPLTyes
TeX2Page: TeX to HTML Translator ManualHTMLPDFPLTsearchable index

Older versions of documentation

For users who need documentation for older versions of PLT software: