Inside PLT MzScheme

Matthew Flatt ( 

Released December 2004

    1  Overview
        1.1  Writing MzScheme Extensions
        1.2  Embedding MzScheme into a Program
        1.3  MzScheme and Threads

    2  Values and Types
        2.1  Standard Types
        2.2  Global Constants
        2.3  Library Functions

    3  Memory Allocation
        3.1  Library Functions

    4  Namespaces and Modules
        4.1  Library Functions

    5  Procedures
        5.1  Library Functions

    6  Evaluation
        6.1  Top-level Evaluation Functions
        6.2  Tail Evaluation
        6.3  Multiple Values
        6.4  Library Functions

    7  Exceptions and Escape Continuations
        7.1  Temporarily Catching Error Escapes
        7.2  Library Functions

    8  Threads
        8.1  Integration with Threads
        8.2  Allowing Thread Switches
        8.3  Blocking the Current Thread
        8.4  Threads in Embedded MzScheme with Event Loops
            8.4.1  Callbacks for Blocked Threads
        8.5  Sleeping by Embedded MzScheme
        8.6  Library Functions

    9  Parameterizations
        9.1  Library Functions

    10  Bignums, Rationals, and Complex Numbers
        10.1  Library Functions

    11  Ports and the Filesystem
        11.1  Library Functions

    12  Structures
        12.1  Library Functions

    13  Security Guards
        13.1  Library Functions

    14  Custodians
        14.1  Library Functions

    15  Miscellaneous Utilities
        15.1  Library Functions

    16  Flags and Hooks

Copyright notice

Copyright ©1995-2004 Matthew Flatt

Permission to make digital/hard copies and/or distribute this documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that the above copyright notice, author, and this permission notice appear in all copies of this documentation.

libscheme: Copyright ©1994 Brent Benson. All rights reserved.

Conservative garbage collector: Copyright ©1988, 1989 Hans-J. Boehm, Alan J. Demers. Copyright ©1991-1996 by Xerox Corporation. Copyright ©1996-1999 by Silicon Graphics. Copyright ©1999-2001 by Hewlett Packard Company. All rights reserved.

Collector C++ extension by Jesse Hull and John Ellis: Copyright ©1994 by Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved.

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