PLT Tools: DrScheme Extension Manual

Robert Bruce Findler ( 

Released December 2005

    1  This Manual
        1.1  Thanks

    2  Implementing DrScheme Tools
        2.1  Adding Languages to DrScheme
            2.1.1  Adding module-based Languages to DrScheme
            2.1.2  Adding Arbitrary Languages to DrScheme
            2.1.3  Language Extensions
        2.2  Creating New Kinds of DrScheme Frames
        2.3  Extending the Existing DrScheme Classes
        2.4  Expanding the User's Program Text and Breaking
        2.5  Editor Modes

    3  Tools Reference
        3.1  drscheme:debug:profile-definitions-text-mixin
        3.2  drscheme:debug:profile-interactions-text-mixin
        3.3  drscheme:debug:profile-unit-frame-mixin
        3.4  drscheme:frame:<%>
        3.5  drscheme:frame:basics<%>
        3.6  drscheme:frame:basics-mixin
        3.7  drscheme:frame:mixin
        3.8  drscheme:frame:name-message%
        3.9  drscheme:get/extend:base-definitions-canvas% = (canvas:info-mixin (canvas:delegate-mixin canvas:color%))
        3.10  drscheme:get/extend:base-definitions-text% = (drscheme:debug:profile-definitions-text-mixin drscheme:unit:definitions-text%)
        3.11  drscheme:get/extend:base-interactions-canvas% = (canvas:info-mixin (canvas:delegate-mixin canvas:color%))
        3.12  drscheme:get/extend:base-interactions-text% = (drscheme:debug:profile-interactions-text-mixin drscheme:rep:text%)
        3.13  drscheme:get/extend:base-tab% = drscheme:unit:tab%
        3.14  drscheme:get/extend:base-unit-frame% = (drscheme:debug:profile-unit-frame-mixin drscheme:unit:frame%)
        3.15  drscheme:language:language<%>
        3.16  drscheme:language:module-based-language<%>
        3.17  drscheme:language:module-based-language->language-mixin
        3.18  drscheme:language:simple-module-based-language<%>
        3.19  drscheme:language:simple-module-based-language%
        3.20  drscheme:language:simple-module-based-language->module-based-language-mixin
        3.21  drscheme:rep:context<%>
        3.22  drscheme:rep:drs-bindings-keymap-mixin
        3.23  drscheme:rep:text<%>
        3.24  drscheme:rep:text%
        3.25  drscheme:unit:definitions-canvas%
        3.26  drscheme:unit:definitions-text<%>
        3.27  drscheme:unit:definitions-text% = (drscheme:rep:drs-bindings-keymap-mixin (scheme:text-mixin (drscheme:unit:program-editor-mixin text:info%)))
        3.28  drscheme:unit:frame<%>
        3.29  drscheme:unit:frame% = (drscheme:frame:basics-mixin (drscheme:frame:mixin frame:searchable%))
        3.30  drscheme:unit:interactions-canvas%
        3.31  drscheme:unit:program-editor-mixin
        3.32  drscheme:unit:tab<%>
        3.33  drscheme:unit:tab%
        3.34  DrScheme Tools Functions
        3.35  Contract Helpers

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