PLT MrLib: Graphical Libraries Manual

PLT ( 

Released July 2006

    1  MrLib

    2 Aligned Pasteboard
        2.1  aligned-editor-canvas%
        2.2  aligned-editor-snip%
        2.3  aligned-pasteboard<%>
        2.4  aligned-pasteboard-parent<%>
        2.5  horizontal-pasteboard%
        2.6  stretchable-snip<%>
        2.7  vertical-pasteboard%

    3 Bitmap Labels

    4 Cache-image Snip
        4.1  cache-image-snip%
        4.2  Functions

    5 Interactive Value Port

    6 Graph
        6.1  graph-pasteboard<%>
        6.2  graph-pasteboard-mixin
        6.3  graph-snip<%>
        6.4  graph-snip-mixin
        6.5  Graph Functions

    7 Include Bitmap

    8 Name Message
        8.1  name-message%
        8.2  Name-Message Functions

    9 File/Directory Dialog
        9.1  path-dialog%

    10 Plot


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Contributors to MrLib include Mike MacHenry.

This manual was typeset using LATEX, SLaTeX, and tex2page. Some typesetting macros were originally taken from Julian Smart's Reference Manual for wxWindows 1.60: a portable C++ GUI toolkit.

This manual was typeset on Sunday, July 23rd, 2006.

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