Continuation Marks

A mark can be attached to the current continuation frame using scheme_set_cont_mark. To force the creation of a new frame (e.g., during a nested function call within your function), use scheme_push_continuation_frame, and then remove the frame with scheme_pop_continuation_frame.

10.1  Library Functions

¤ void scheme_set_cont_mark(Scheme_Object *key, Scheme_Object *val)

Add/sets a continuation mark in the current continuation.

¤ void scheme_push_continuation_frame(Scheme_Cont_Frame_Data *data)

Creates a new continuation frame. The data record need not be initialized, and it can be allocated on the C stack. Supply data to scheme_pop_continuation_frame to remove the continuation frame.

¤ void scheme_pop_continuation_frame(Scheme_Cont_Frame_Data *data)

Removes a continuation frame created by scheme_pop_continuation_frame.