PLT DrScheme: Programming Environment Manual

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Released May 2007

    1  About

    2  Interface Essentials
        2.1  Buttons
        2.2  The Editor
        2.3  The Interactions Window
        2.4  Tabbed Editing
        2.5  Errors
        2.6  Languages
        2.7  Executables
        2.8  Printed Results
            2.8.1  Constructor-style Output
            2.8.2  Quasiquote-style Output
        2.9  Input and Output
        2.10  XML

    3  Interface Reference
        3.1  Menus
            3.1.1  File
            3.1.2  Edit
            3.1.3  View
            3.1.4  Language
            3.1.5  Scheme
            3.1.6  Special
            3.1.7  Windows
            3.1.8  Help
        3.2  Preferences
        3.3  Keyboard Shortcuts
            3.3.1  Moving Around
            3.3.2  Editing Operations
            3.3.3  File Operations
            3.3.4  Searching
            3.3.5  Miscellaneous
            3.3.6  Interactions
            3.3.7  Defining Custom Shortcuts
        3.4  DrScheme Files
            3.4.1  Program Files
            3.4.2  Backup and Autosave Files
            3.4.3  Preference Files

    4  Extending DrScheme
        4.1  Teachpacks
        4.2  Tools
        4.3  Environment Variables

    5  Frequently Asked Questions
        5.1  Supported Operating Systems and Installation
        5.2  Using DrScheme
        5.3  Memory and Performance
        5.4  Troubleshooting


Copyright notice

Copyright ©1996-2007 PLT

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License, Version 2 published by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is included in the appendix entitled ``License.''

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The following individuals contributed to the implementation of DrScheme and associated tools: Ian Barland, Eli Barzilay, Gann Bierner, John Clements, Richard Cobbe, Greg Cooper, Ryan Culpepper, Carl Eastlund, Moy Easwaran, Matthias Felleisen, Robby Findler, Kathi Fisler, Cormac Flanagan, Matthew Flatt, Sebastian Good, Paul Graunke, Kathy Gray, Dan Grossman, Bruce Hauman, Dave Herman, Mark Krentel, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Mario Latendresse, Guillaume Marceau, Jacob Matthews, Jay McCarthy, Philippe Meunier, Scott Owens, Jamie Raymond, Paul Schlie, Dorai Sitaram, Mike Sperber, Paul Steckler, Jens Axel Søgaard, Francisco Solsona, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Neil W. Van Dyke, Anton van Straaten, Dale Vaillancourt, Stephanie Weirich, Noel Welsh, Adam Wick, and ChongKai Zhu.

Thanks to ChongKai Zhu, Ian Barland, Biep Durieux, Tim Hanson, Chihiro Kuraya, Philippe Meunier, Jens Axel Søgaard, Francisco Solsona, Mike Sperber, Reini Urban, and Paolo Zoppetti for their help translating DrScheme's GUI to other languages.

This manual was typeset using LATEX, SLaTeX, and tex2page. Some typesetting macros were originally taken from Julian Smart's Reference Manual for wxWindows 1.60: a portable C++ GUI toolkit.

This manual was typeset on Sunday, May 20th, 2007.

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