PLT Foreign Interface Manual

PLT ( 

Released August 2007

    1  Introduction

    2  Loading Foreign Libraries

    3  C Types
        3.1  Numeric Types
        3.2  Other Atomic Types
        3.3  String Types
            3.3.1  Primitive String Types
            3.3.2  Fixed Auto-Converting String Types
            3.3.3  Variable Auto-Converting String Type
            3.3.4  Other String Types
        3.4  Pointer Types
        3.5  Function Types
            3.5.1  Custom Function Types
        3.6  C Struct Types
            3.6.1  C Struct Examples
        3.7  Enumerations and Masks

    4  Pointer Functions
        4.1  Memory Management

    5  Derived Utilities
        5.1  Tagged C Pointer Types
        5.2  Safe C Vectors
        5.3  SRFI-4 Vectors

    6  Miscellaneous Support

    7  Unexported Primitive Functions


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