6.4  brush%

A brush is a drawing tool with a color and a style that is used for filling in areas, such as the interior of a rectangle or ellipse. On a monochrome display, all non-white brushes are drawn as black.

In addition to its color and style, a brush can have a stipple bitmap. This stipple is used only in unsmoothed mode (see set-smoothing) or in a PostScript drawing context. Painting with a stipple brush is similar to calling draw-bitmap with the stipple bitmap in the filled region, except that the bitmap may not be scaled in the same way (depending on the platform and device).

A brush's style is one of the following:

To draw outline shapes (such as unfilled boxes and ellipses), use the 'transparent brush style. See set-style for more information about styles.

To avoid creating multiple brushes with the same characteristics, use the global brush-list% object the-brush-list, or provide a color and style to set-brush in dc<%>.


13 Under X, the color is specified by the '|MrEd:hiliteColor| preference preference; see Preferences.