6.15  pen%

A pen is a drawing tool with a color, width, and style. A pen draws lines and outlines, such as the outline of a rectangle. On a monochrome display, all non-white pens are drawn as black.

In addition to its color, width, and style, a pen can have a stipple bitmap that is a 8 x 8 monochrome bitmap. This stipple is used only in unsmoothed mode (see set-smoothing) or in a PostScript drawing context. Painting with a stipple pen is similar to calling draw-bitmap with the stipple bitmap in region painted by the pen.

A pen's style is one of the following:

To avoid creating multiple pens with the same characteristics, use the global pen-list% object the-pen-list, or provide a color, width, and style to set-pen in dc<%>.

A pen of size 0 uses the minimum line size for the destination drawing context. In (unscaled) canvases and bitmaps in unsmoothed mode, a zero-width pen behaves the nearly same as a pen of size 1. In a smoothing mode (including all post-script-dc% drawing), a pen of size 0 draws a line thinner than a pen of size 1. If the pen's width is not an integer, then the width is truncated to an integer (even before scaling) in unsmoothed mode.