PLT MzLib: Libraries Manual

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Released December 2007

    1  MzLib

    2 Whole-module Unit Signatures

    3 Whole-module Units

    4 Buffered Asynchronous Channels

    5 Awk-like Syntax

    6 Classes and Objects
        6.1  Object Example
        6.2  Creating Interfaces
        6.3  Creating Classes
            6.3.1  Initialization Variables
            6.3.2  Fields
            6.3.3  Methods
        Method Definitions
        Inherited and Superclass Methods
        Internal and External Names
        6.4  Creating Objects
        6.5  Field and Method Access
            6.5.1  Methods
            6.5.2  Fields
            6.5.3  Generics
        6.6  Mixins
        6.7  Object Serialization
        6.8  Object, Class, and Interface Utilities
        6.9  Expanding to a Class Declaration

    7 Version-100-Style Classes

    8 Compilation Manager

    9 Compilation Manager Hook for Syntax Transformers

    10 Command-line Parsing

    11 Concurrent ML Compatibility

    12 Compatibility

    13 Compiling Files

    14 Contracts
        14.1  Flat Contracts
        14.2  Function Contracts
        14.3  Lazy Data-structure Contracts
        14.4  Object and Class Contracts
        14.5  Attaching Contracts to Values
        14.6  Building New Contract Combinators
        14.7  Contract Utility

    15 Control Operators

    16 Dates

    17 Deflating (Compressing) Data

    18 Non-Hygienic Macros

    19 Useful Procedures and Syntax

    20 Filesystem Utilities

    21 Foreign Interface

    22 Textually Including Source

    23 Inflating Compressed Data

    24 Integer Sets

    25 Keyword Arguments
        25.1  Required Arguments
        25.2  Optional Arguments
        25.3  Keyword Arguments
        25.4  Rest and Rest-like Arguments
        25.5  Body Argument
        25.6  Mode Keywords
        25.7  Property Lists

    26 List Utilities

    27 Pattern Matching
        27.1  Patterns
        27.2  Extending Match
        27.3  Examples

    28 Math

    29 MD5 Message Digest

    30 System Utilities

    31 Local-Definition Scope Control

    32 Converted Printing

    33 Converted Printing Property

    34 Pattern Matching

    35 Port Utilities

    36 Perl-Style Regular Expressions
        36.1  Introduction
        36.2  Regexp procedures
            36.2.1  pregexp
            36.2.2  pregexp-match-positions
            36.2.3  pregexp-match
            36.2.4  pregexp-split
            36.2.5  pregexp-replace
            36.2.6  pregexp-replace*
            36.2.7  pregexp-quote
        36.3  The regexp pattern language
            36.3.1  Basic assertions
            36.3.2  Characters and character classes
        Some frequently used character classes
        POSIX character classes
            36.3.3  Quantifiers
        Numeric quantifiers
        Non-greedy quantifiers
            36.3.4  Clusters
        Non-capturing clusters
            36.3.5  Alternation
            36.3.6  Backtracking
        Disabling backtracking
            36.3.7  Looking ahead and behind
        36.4  An extended example

    37 Pretty Printing

    38 Process and Shell-Command Execution

    39 Simulating Stand-alone MzScheme

    40 Declaring Paths Needed at Run Time

    41 Sandboxed Evaluation
        41.1  Customizing Evaluators
        41.2  Interacting with Evaluators
        41.3  Miscellaneous

    42 AppleEvents
        42.1  AppleEvents

    43 Serializing Data

    44 Graph Constructor Syntax

    45 String Utilities

    46 Structure Utilities

    47 Syntax Parameters

    48 Proxy-like Design Pattern

    49 Creating tar Files

    50 Thread Utilities

    51 Tracing Top-level Procedure Calls

    52 Tracing File Loads

    53 Object-Oriented Traits

    54 Transcripts

    55 Units
        55.1  Creating Units
        55.2  Invoking Units
        55.3  Linking Units and Creating Compound Units
        55.4  Inferred Linking
        55.5  Generating A Unit from Context
        55.6  Structural Matching
        55.7  Extending the Syntax of Signatures
        55.8  Unit Utilities

    56 Unit Utilities for Macro Transformers

    57 Old Units without Signatures

    58 Old Units with Signatures

    59 Creating zip Files


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Contributors to MzLib include Dorai Sitaram, Bruce Hauman, Jens Axel Søgaard, Gann Bierner, and Kurt Howard (working from Steve Moshier's Cephes library). Publicly available packages have been assimilated from others, including Andrew Wright (match) and Marc Feeley (original pretty-printing implementation).

This manual was typeset using LATEX, SLaTeX, and tex2page. Some typesetting macros were originally taken from Julian Smart's Reference Manual for wxWindows 1.60: a portable C++ GUI toolkit.

This manual was typeset on Friday, December 28th, 2007.

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