Web Server Manual

Mike Burns (netgeek@speakeasy.net)
Greg Pettyjohn (gregp@ccs.neu.edu)
Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy@gmail.com)

Friday, December 28th, 2007 

    1  Quick Start
        1.1  Quick Start on Unix

I  Administration

    2  Directory Structure

    3  Configuration
        3.1  Named Virtual Hosts
        3.2  The Configuration Tool
            3.2.1  Managing Virtual Hosts
        3.3  Configuration File Syntax
            3.3.1  Host Table Syntax

    4  Passwords

    5  Starting the Server

    6  Monitoring the Server

II  Programming

    7  Before You Begin
        7.1  Reloading the Cache
        7.2  Directories

    8  Static Content

    9  Writing Servlets
        9.1  Module-Based Servlets

    10  Servlet Library
        10.1  Data Definitions
            10.1.1  Environment
            10.1.2  Request
            10.1.3  Response
        10.2  Core Procedures
        10.3  Helpful Servlet Procedures
        10.4  Example Multiplication Servlet
        10.5  Example Math Test Servlet
        10.6  Servlet Development Environment

    11  Semi-Internal Functions
        11.1  Starting the Server from a Program
        11.2  Constructing Configurations
        11.3  Monitoring the Server
            11.3.1  Example


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