1 Installed Patch Level
2 Checking Available Versions
3 Dr Scheme Version Tool
Version: 4.0.1


Version: PLT Version Checking

The version collection contains several version-related pieces that are used by PLT Scheme. See also version from scheme/base.

1 Installed Patch Level

 (require version/patchlevel)

patchlevel : exact-nonnegative-integer?

Indicates the current installed patch level, which is normally zero, but may be updated by patches to DrScheme.

2 Checking Available Versions

 (require version/check)

(check-version)  (or/c symbol? list?)

Checks the currently available version on the PLT website (http://download.plt-scheme.org) and returns a value that indicates the current state of the curent installation:

3 DrScheme Version Tool

 (require version/tool)

The version/tool library implements a DrScheme tool that