Version: 4.1

mzc: PLT Compilation and Packaging

The mzc tool supports various PLT Scheme compilation and packaging tasks.

    1 Running mzc

    2 Compiling Modified Modules to Bytecode

      2.1 Bytecode Files

      2.2 Dependency Files

      2.3 Scheme Compilation Manager API

      2.4 Compilation Manager Hook for Syntax Transformers

    3 Creating and Distributing Stand-Alone Executables

      3.1 Stand-Alone Executables from Scheme Code

        3.1.1 Scheme API for Creating Executables

 Executable Creation Signature

 Executable Creation Unit

      3.2 Distributing Stand-Alone Executables

        3.2.1 Scheme API for Distributing Executables

        3.2.2 Scheme API for Bundling Distributions

      3.3 Installation-Specific Launchers for Scheme Code

        3.3.1 Creating Launchers

        3.3.2 Launcher Path and Platform Conventions

        3.3.3 Launcher Configuration

        3.3.4 Launcher Creation Signature

        3.3.5 Launcher Creation Unit

    4 Packaging Library Collections

      4.1 Scheme API for Packaging

    5 Compiling and Linking C Extensions

    6 Embedding Scheme Modules via C

    7 Compiling to Raw Bytecode

    8 Compiling to Native Code via C

    9 Scheme API for Compilation

      9.1 Bytecode Compilation

      9.2 Compilation via C

      9.3 Loading compiler support

      9.4 Options for the Compiler

      9.5 The Compiler as a Unit

        9.5.1 Signatures

        9.5.2 Main Compiler Unit

        9.5.3 Options Unit

        9.5.4 Compiler Inner Unit