Version: 4.2.3

Plugins: Extending DrScheme

Robert Bruce Findler

 (require drscheme/tool-lib)

This manual describes DrScheme’s tools interface. It assumes familiarity with PLT Scheme, as described in Guide: PLT Scheme, DrScheme, as described in DrScheme: PLT Programming Environment, and the Framework, as described in Framework: PLT GUI Application Framework.

    1 Implementing DrScheme Tools

    2 Adding Languages to DrScheme

      2.1 Adding Module-based Languages to DrScheme

      2.2 Adding Arbitrary Languages to DrScheme

      2.3 Language Extensions

    3 Creating New Kinds of DrScheme Frames

    4 Extending the Existing DrScheme Classes

    5 Expanding the User’s Program Text and Breaking

    6 Editor Modes

    7 #lang-specific tools

    8 Language-specific capabilities

    9 drscheme:get/extend

    10 drscheme:unit

    11 drscheme:language

    12 drscheme:language-configuration

    13 drscheme:debug

    14 drscheme:rep

    15 drscheme:frame

    16 drscheme:help-desk

    17 drscheme:eval

    18 drscheme:modes



Thanks especially to Eli Barzilay, John Clements, Matthias Felleisen, Cormac Flanagan, Matthew Flatt, Max Hailperin, Philippe Meunier, Christian Queinnec, PLT at large, and many others for their feedback and help.