These downloads are for outdated versions, which are no longer maintained.
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Package:   DrScheme
Version:   300
Platform:   Macintosh OS X (PPC)
Type:   Disk Image
File:   plt-300-bin-ppc-osx-mac.dmg
Size:   16Mb

Download links:     (Choose the nearest site)

Installation instructions
Once you finish downloading the disk image file, the Finder should automatically mount it, copy its contents to your desktop, and run the contained Installer package. If this was not done in your case then you will have to do it manually (the image contains only a single package icon).
Installer will not allow you to choose a destination, it will install the required support frameworks in /Library/Frameworks and the PLT folder in /Applications/PLT Scheme vNNN.
Finally, if you want to have the PLT tree at a different place, then move it to the new location and immediately open it and double click the Finish Install program. This might fail if you don’t have the permissions — in this case you will need to use some tool to run this as the administrator (one such tool is "Pseudo"). Otherwise you will need to use command-line tools like sudo. Note that sudo will not work with open, because that will just talk with the running Finder, you can run it directly with sudo ./install -i
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